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Mens Concealed Carry V-Neck Tee

Mens Concealed Carry V-Neck Tee

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When it comes to the world's best concealed carry shirt, UnderTech UnderCover has the right undercover clothes for you. This selection fits you and your handgun like a second skin. It features a concealed weapon holster on each side for left-hand carry and right-hand carry. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it is also easy to use.

The shirt conforms to any body type comfortably and does not restrict movement. The fabric actually cools the body! It is incredibly comfortable and will help you carry and conceal any self-defense handgun. Furthermore, it allows immediate access when wearing button down shirts, T-shirts, pullovers – even while sitting. Try this selection today and see why people say we have the best clothes for concealed carry.


  1. Shirts are AMBIDEXTROUS - 2 easy-access holsters on each side of the garments for left-hand AND right-hand shooters.
  2. Option to carry 2 handguns at the same time.
  3. Unused pocket is perfect for extra magazines, documents, or iPhone sized devices
  4. Micro/Polyester fabric blend


  1. Secret Service
  2. FBI
  3. DEA
  4. TSA
  5. Government and Law Enforcement Agencies
  6. Police Departments
  7. Civilians
  8. Concealed Carry Licensed Owners
  9. Small Business Owners


Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273


For shirts, the most important measurement in determining your correct size is your bust/chest measurement. The shirt should fit snugly around the bust/chest, so that your weapon stays firmly in place and doesn’t bounce around when you move. If you order the shirt to fit your bust/chest, the rest of the shirt will stretch to accommodate a wider mid-section, and lightly hug a smaller midsection.


Bust/Chest - Start by placing a measuring tape around the largest part of your bust/chest. The tape should be flat but not too snug. This is the most important measurement for determining your shirt size.


Men's Sizing Chart


Machine wash in cold water. Air or tumble dry on low. Air drying is preferred as it will extend the life of your garment. Do not use fabric softener.

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