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Under Desk Concealment Plate

Under Desk Concealment Plate

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This is one of those “cool” items you'd think you only see in the movies… but it actually has true functionality and lots of real world uses!

We’ve developed an aluminum plate specifically designed to accept a Blackhawk SERPA Lock Holster.

The holster attaches to the plate using the same screws that come with the holster. The plate has four mounting holes drilled into the four corners that allow you to mount the plate and holster under your desk, counter, table, etc…..wherever you need access to a handgun quickly. 

It’s perfect for executives at work, store owners, even at home under your dinner table! Models available to fit all Glock handguns, Springfield XD, 1911, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, and more.
Compatible with SERPA Lock Holsters, found HERE 
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