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Personal Security Pocket

Personal Security Pocket

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We all have valuable stuff and it's important to keep it safe and away from the hands and eyes of would be bad guys. This PSP (Personal Security Pocket) fits into our Concealment Jacket Pockets.

The PSP is made of surgical grade elastic and features five pockets (one is zippered for extra security) designed to hold your cash, cell phone, credit cards, iPod, small jewelry, important papers and many other valuables.

The PSP is easily fitted and removed from our Concealment Jacket Pockets for the ultimate concealment comfort! Perfect for travelers and a great compliment to our Universal Handgun Holster, Item #3036.

Note: This version of the Personal Security Pocket does not attach to the inside of the Jackets with the Hook & Loop. You can find the version that features the Hook & Loop to attach to the inside of our Concealment Jackets here.

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