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Made from specially tempered spring steel with black oxide coating, Clipdraws are available to fit a range of firearms. 

The Clipdraw for Glocks comes with a slide cover plate that replaces the original and is drilled and tapped for attaching the Clipdraw. 

The Clipdraw for S&W revolvers attaches using a screw and washer that replace the original rear side plate cover. 

The Clipdraw for 1911's and Colts is attached to the frame of the firearm, between the grip and the frame. 

Universal Clipdraws (for automatics and revolvers) attach with 3M VHB (very high bond) double coated tape. VHB tape is used in the construction and aircraft industries as a replacement for rivets. Heavy recoil has no effect on the bond strength between the gun and the Clipdraw unit. 

The Clipdraw is ambidextrous for all guns other than revolvers and the 1911.

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