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Belly Band w/ Retention Strap

Belly Band w/ Retention Strap

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The same great concealment as our Original Belly Band, now with extra retention!

The Belly Band is the most versatile and most comfortable method of concealed carry available. You can wear it in almost every situation!

  • Sewn with a heavy-duty elastic with a velcro closure
  • 4" Surgical Grade Elastic, machine washable
  • Two ambidextrous holsters: one for an automatic pistol and one for revolvers
  • 6-inch pocket for cash, and credit cards
  • Spare magazine slot

It works great with medium and small-frame revolvers and semi-automatic pistols!

Pictured with a Glock 19 and easily accommodates a full-sized Glock 17, 22 & all the mini Glocks. The BellyBand Holster is also popular with self-defense handguns such as 1911s, SIGs, and Berettas. Discreetly and comfortably conceal your handguns under a variety of shirts and sweaters with the BellyBand!

Watch the video demonstration to learn more! 

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