What to Look for in Concealed Carry Coats and Jackets

If you carry concealed weapons frequently, it’s worthwhile to consider adding a coat or jacket to your wardrobe that’s specially designed for this purpose. Whether you’re shopping for something with a built-in holster or something that will fit your existing holsters comfortably, here are some things to consider: 


Adjustable Cuffs: In an emergency, you don’t want ill-fitting sleeves to interfere with your draw. It’s best to choose concealed carry coats and jackets with adjustable cuffs so you can get a perfect fit for your arms. 


Extra Pockets: Ideally, you want a coat or jacket with pockets that can hold your everyday items as well as magazines. If extra pockets aren’t present, large pockets may suffice for your needs. 


Fit: Whenever you’re shopping for clothes, fit is important. However, it’s especially crucial for concealed carry coats and jackets. You must be able to wear the item comfortably, access your firearm easily, and conceal the weapon from casual observation. 


Flexibility: Something that sets concealed carry coats and jackets apart from standard designs is their flexibility. Since you must be able to access your weapon quickly and easily, a high-quality product will give you a greater range of motion than normal coats and jackets. 

What to Look for in Concealed Carry Coats and Jackets
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