Undertech Undercover Concealment Leggings

The Most Comfortable Concealed-Carry Option For Women

Our mission is to make comfortable, yet concealable clothing available for anyone who takes self-defense seriously. Which is why we offer concealed carry options in the form of shirts, shorts, leggings, vest and jackets.

Undertech Undercover Leggings are a great concealed carry option for women. The soft, stretchy fabric makes them perfect for active lifestyles and every day use.

As we were designing Undercover Clothing, proper firearm retention was the most important factor taken into consideration. We decided that high-waisted leggings featuring holsters with retention straps were the most secure & discreet way to carry.

High-Waisted Design: The supportive high-waistband maximizes stability of your firearm when walking, jogging or jumping.

Built-in Holsters: Each pair of leggings has two holsters, one in the front and the other on the back so you can carry at both the traditional appendix & kidney positions.

Retention Straps: Each holster features our patent-pending retention straps that use a pull-tab to quickly access or secure your handgun.

Universal Holster: We use a thick, multi-layered fabric holster that prevents manipulation of the trigger when your firearm is holstered. This design allows many different makes & models to be used, here are a few!
  • SIG P320s & 365s
  • Most Glock models including full-size Glock17s
  • S&W M&P
  • Springfield Hellcats

* Most Compact handguns and virtually all firearms intended for concealed carry fit inside our holsters, however the main factor is weight. For Example, a steel framed 1911 conceals inside our holster, but if you were to run, something like a GLOCK43x is a more suitable option.

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