The Women of UnderTech UnderCover - Lanny Barnes

Lanny Barnes

3-Time Olympian

Professional 3-Gun Competitor

UnderTech UnderCover Ambassador

When did you first start shooting? 

     My first shooting experience was with my father. His big passion was shooting and hunting. He had three girls and he shared that passion with all three of us.
When did you start shooting competitively?
     My twin sister and I started shooting competitively in middle school, in small bore prone competitions. But since we were way too active to lie around all day, someone suggested Biathlon.
     I competed in that sport for over 15 years and in 3 different Olympics.
What is a Biathlon competition?
     During a competition, you'll ski between 4 to 9 miles with a rifle strapped to your back. Every couple of miles you stop and shoot at 5 targets. If you miss, you choose between skiing a 150 meter penalty loop or just having time added to your race. Since that loop normally has a lot of spectators by it, you try hard not to have to to do it!
Have you ever shot a perfect score?
     Yes, in the 2010 Olympics I hit all my targets. I also had the best U.S. Women's Biathlon finish ever.
Tell us about the 2014 Olympics and how you almost didn't get to compete?
     My twin sister and I have always done everything together… including Olympic competition. In 2014, we were both heavy favorites to make the team. We got down to the last trials and I ended up getting sick and wasn't able to compete in the finals. That put me one slot out of making the team.
     My sister Tracy had a great run and actually made the team, but gave up her spot so I could compete.
That is both incredible, and incredibly generous. But you were, after all, competitors. Why did she give up her spot?
     Well, yes, we are competitors. But we're also team players. She basically felt I had been skiing stronger and shooting better that year and she wanted the U.S to be sending the best team possible.
Tell us about your professional shooting career.
     My sister and I are both heavily involved in 3-Gun shooting, which is probably the fastest growing shooting sport in the United States. 3-Gun requires rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting skills to get through a series of timed stages… and each stage is completely different!
     You have to navigate each of the stages, which are built around tactical shooting scenarios, while being as fast and accurate as possible. It's really a perfect fit for my sister and I. We love shooting and being active.
What are some of the advantages of professional shooting as a career?
     When you're a professional shooter, you get to travel a lot and you get to represent some really great companies. One of my favorites is UnderTech UnderCover. Mainly because I was a customer long before I became an ambassador!
What did you use for concealed carry before you discovered UnderTech UnderCover?
     When my sister and I were in college, we were heavily into training and would run for miles. Sometimes we ran in urban areas, but most of the time it was out in the wild.
     That is, after all, the environment for cross-country skiing.
     After a while, we began to feel the need to carry a handgun for protection. And it wasn't just for human threats, it was because we'd often come upon wild dogs and once, even a mountain lion.
     At first we started carrying in our water belt, in one of the water bottle holsters. Unfortunately, the handgun would bounce around and would actually leave us bruised and sore at the end of the run.
     That's when we discovered UnderTech UnderCover. Now I can run for miles, with no discomfort or bruising, it's like I'm not even carrying. And it's not only athletic activities. I can go grocery shopping, or out on the town, and still have the confidence that I'm prepared for any situation.
What else can you tell us about UnderTech UnderCover?
     I discovered UnderTech UnderCover about 6 years ago and I was immediately blown away. I was a bit skeptical before I actually tried them out. I had tried a lot of other products that just didn't work very well. 
     The first time I wore an UnderTech UnderCover tank top, I went out for a 2 hour run, came back, and realized I forgot I was wearing a handgun. From then on, I was sold.
     I use UnderTech UnderCover products all the time now. They work for just about any application, from hiking in the woods, to shopping, to the gym, and out for the evening. They really do have products for virtually any situation. 
     One thing I am really impressed about is they last forever! 
     I still have, and use, the very first Tank Top I purchased from UnderTech UnderCover. It's well over 5 years old and it still looks great!
     I appreciate the quality and durability of UnderTech UnderCover products and I'm proud to represent them.
If they ever come out with a "4-Gun" competition,
Lanny Barnes will be more than ready!

World's #1 Brand Of Concealed Carry Clothing

The Women of UnderTech UnderCover - Lanny Barnes
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