(Video) Should I Carry a Round in the Chamber?

As the World's #1 Source for Concealed Carry Clothing, we are more than happy to field and answer questions from our valued customers. As Concealed Carry is getting bigger, there is one question that get asked more and more often. "Should I carry a round in the chamber or should the gun be unloaded?" Like with most questions concerning concealed carry, it varies upon multiple factors. What your situation is, where you are, and what your preference is, among several other factors. Ultimately, concealed carry is all about choice and personal preference, and this is no different!  

In this video blog, Lenny Magill, our Founder, shares a review on concealed carry, and what "condition" you keep your gun in. He also shares his personal preference with concealed carry and why he believes that is right for him.

The items used in this video are:

The $35 Dollar Clip Holster

The Tactical Phone Holster



(Video) Should I Carry a Round in the Chamber?
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