How to Pick Out the Best Undercover Clothes

When you are looking to carry a concealed gun, then it can be challenging to create a wardrobe that is functional while remaining good-looking. Thankfully there are undercover clothes options that can help you maintain your style while also ensuring you are able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe if the situation calls for it.  


Undercover clothes help you look good, be comfortable, and effectively conceal your weapon. Unfortunately, many concealed carry clothing options are tactical by design. That means they don’t fit well in most business or social situations—unless you want to tell the world that you are armed and defeat the purpose of the concealment. So here are some tips to help you when choosing your undercover clothing: 


Don’t Buy Fitted Shirt – Fitted dress shirts are usually cut with a taper toward the waist to help you avoid unsightly pleats or folds when it is tucked into your trousers. That doesn’t leave much room for a shirt tuckable inside the waistband holster. You should always opt for standard-cut shirts so you have that extra waist room you need. 


Look for Shirts with Longer Tails – The longer the tail on your shirt, the more material there is to tuck into the waistband of your trousers. That makes it easier to keep your shirt tucked, especially when using a tuckable inside the waistband holster. 


Wear an Undershirt with a Built-In Holster – One of the best options currently available; several companies make undershirts with concealed carry holsters already built in. These shirts offer you the convenience of a shoulder holster without any of the hassles that can sometimes come with them. 

How to Pick Out the Best Undercover Clothes
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