Concealed Carry Purses for You

Are you headed to a special event and seeking a cute purse that can carry everything you need – including your gun? UnderTech UnderCover, your online source for the best undercover clothes, offers a vast array of handbags for you. Take a look at a few of our selections:

Penelope Crossbody with Lock and Key – This little black purse may seem too small to carry your gun and your other items, but it is not! It features a special separate compartment on the back to hold your weapon, as well as lock and key feature to keep everything safe and secure at all times.

Jasmine Concealed Carry Hobo with Wallet – Are you looking for a large purse that you can carry anywhere? This large purse features a separate concealed compartment on the back with two zipper openings, as well as a removable holster. Furthermore, it comes with a nice detachable wallet that matches the purse.

Jill Concealed Carry Satchel – If you are concerned with carrying your gun and staying fashionable at all times, this purse is the perfect option for you. It is available in three colors – black, navy, and stone. In addition to a concealed carry pocket, it also includes interior zipper and open cell phone pockets.

Stay fashionable and protect yourself at all times when you invest in purses from UnderTech UnderCover.

Concealed Carry Purses for You
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