Choosing the Best Thigh Holster: Women’s Guide

Unless you want to catch a lot of second glances, you probably don’t want to be seen walking around wearing a traditional thigh holster. Women’s options, thankfully, won’t leave you looking like you just walked out of the heavy underbrush. That is because women’s thigh holsters are seen as a classic form of deep concealment holster that works perfectly with dresses and skirts. 


The concept of tucking a pistol away in a garter belt is hardly a new concept. Today, that old western trope has turned into functional concealed carry holsters that build on that traditional and practical approach by using modern materials designed for modern handguns. 


When selecting a thigh holster, you have several choices. You can go with a classic, semi-tactical drop leg holster if you want to open carry. Or, if you are going for discrete, you will want to look into the garter-style thigh holster. This isn’t just a genuine fashion accessory but also an easy way to access your weapon if and when the time comes. A growing concealed carry culture among women has led to an actual golden age of options regarding thigh holsters for women. That means it is now easier to find the right fit for your needs, comfort, and style. 

Choosing the Best Thigh Holster: Women’s Guide
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