Honest Review From a Mother/CCW Newbie

My husband has wanted me to concealed carry for a long, long time… pretty much since I turned 21.  I’ve wanted to, too, but I kept putting it off, even though I have my concealed carry permit.

The biggest reason was that I didn’t want to have to change the way I dress, and this was even more of an issue post-baby.  I was having a hard enough time with feeling self-conscious about my body, and carrying in a purse is out of the question with a toddler.

I guess I just needed the right motivation to overcome these obstacles, and as it turns out, this wave of creepy clown sightings was just the thing I needed to put all my doubts aside. :) 

When I first got my permit a few years ago, I bought a pair of concealment shorts from Undertech Undercover and loved them.  I only wore them once or twice, though, and the next time I tried them on was after I’d had A.  Unsurprisingly, they didn’t fit anymore, so that pair got traded for cat-sitting when we went on a trip (and to my knowledge, their new owner is satisfied with them!)

But because I’d had a good experience with them in the past, I decided to reach out to Undertech Undercover to see if they’d be interested in a post like this.  They totally were, and they sent me a pair of their compression shorts, a compression shirt, and (what I was most excited about) their concealed carry leggings.

I want to start by saying I had an excellent experience with the company overall.  They were very responsive to emails, shipped everything super fast, and their size chart was 100% accurate.  I followed it exactly and everything fit like it was supposed to.  I honestly had doubts because I normally have issues fitting in pants – because I have a curvier physique, I usually struggle with my jeans gapping in the back.

To be clear, though, fitting properly means that these fit very snugly.  That’s a good thing!  I don’t want my gun to hang loosely.  The fabric for all of them stretched and got more comfortable as I wore them, but they didn’t loosen so much that the gun didn’t feel secure anymore, which I thought was perfect.

In all these pictures, I’m carrying a Glock 42.

Undertech Undercover Concealed Carry Options For Women

Concealment Leggings




These are by far my favorite, which surprised me. I was actually worried I wouldn’t like them.  I was worried the holster would be too floppy, that it wouldn’t conceal well enough, or that they’d be uncomfortable or low-quality leggings.

I was SO wrong, and honestly, I wish I had a pair for every day of the week.

First of all, the gun stays really snugly in the holster no matter what you’re doing.  TMI warning: The first time I went to the bathroom in these I was scared I’d drop my gun in the toilet.  Nope! It dangles a little, and that’s a little weird (especially when you start thinking, if it were to spontaneously fire somehow right now, I’d be saying good-bye to my knee cap) but it stays in the holster just fine.

To really put the snugness of the holster to the test, I went for a run in them.  They worked great!  The only thing I’d have changed would be to wear an undershirt to reduce how much the gun rubbed against my back.  I wear an undershirt all the time, just not when I exercise, and I didn’t think about it before I left!

The holster in both the front and the back of these makes these a really great option for a run, too, because you can put your cell phone in the front holster (or back holster, if you prefer to carry in the front) so you don’t have to hold it.  Granted, I’m usually running with a jogging stroller anyway, but on the rare occasion I get to run alone, this is a big plus.




These are super comfortable, too.  One of the days I wore these, I put my son down for a nap and actually fell asleep in them.  Gun still holstered and everything because, well, A. I was super tired because of a grumpy toddler, and B. they’re seriously so comfortable it’s easy to forget you’re carrying.

As you can see in the pictures, the holster also keeps the firearm well-concealed.  The striped top is pretty fitted, and there’s a tiny bit of printing, but you can only really see it if you’re looking for it. I mean, you won’t get away with a skin-tight shirt in it, but I’m not wearing shirts like that these days anyhow.

And as far as leggings go, these are actually really nice.  They’re not the buttery-soft LuLaRoe ones I love so much, but the fabric is nice and thick.  They’re also fairly compression-y, which I think makes everything look a little better.  The placement of the waistband is flattering because it hits at my natural waistline and is structured because of the holsters (one in front and one in back – at checkout you choose whether you want left- or right-handed.)

As far as length, I think they’d be good even on taller girls.  I usually wear a size short in pants (I’m 5’6″ but have short legs, what can I say?) and these scrunch a lot at the ankles on me.  So there’s definitely room for more height.

Now for the downsides: The fabric is sort of prone to lint (which is tough to combat with two cats) and feel like they might pill.. BUT I can’t speak to that, since I haven’t washed them yet.  When I do, I’ll wash them in a lingerie bag (I bought these ones the other day and they’re great!). Problem solved.

Also, that nice, slimming, flattering panel on the tummy is not Thanksgiving feast-friendly.  I’ll have to find a different holster for days I intend to pig out 

Nonetheless.. I love these. LOVE them. I can’t recommend these enough.

They are a little pricey at $89.99 each, but for the convenience, comfort, and quality, I think it’s worth it to have a pair or two.  You can order them here.  They offer full-length leggings like I have and the cropped style (for $79.99).

Concealment Compression Shorts




Even though I love leggings and I’d wear them every. single. day. if I could, my husband really loves when I wear jeans.  So I wanted to give the compression shorts a try under jeans.

Surprisingly, carrying in the waistband made my jeans fit a lot better.  Like I mentioned when I was talking about my concern with the size chart, I normally have issues with pants gapping in the back because I’m a little curvier.  No issues when I had the gun on!

But these were surprisingly comfortable under jeans.  I didn’t feel suffocated by the fabric at all, and the position of the gun works well for concealment.

Like the leggings, the gun doesn’t jostle around at all in the holster, even when I’m chasing after my 19-month-old.  I haven’t tried going for a run in them yet (because it’s too cold for shorts most days) but I have no doubt they’d be a great option.

I also think these would be great when concealed carrying in a skirt because you don’t have to worry about an in-waistband holster not being properly supported by the fabric, plus it prevents your thighs from sticking together. Way more comfortable.  And, of course, it’s a little bit of a guarantee against a sudden gust of wind 

They’re not very long (about 6″ inseam?), so they’d work just fine under most skirts.  And they offer the same style in short shorts, so if you’re big on shorter skirts, these would still work well, and provide a little extra modesty.

I also think these would work really well under leggings.  They’d probably be best under printed ones so you don’t see the seam at the bottom, but as I said, they conceal well and fit snugly.  So I don’t see why you couldn’t wear your favorite regular leggings with these.

The only downside I found in these was that I vastly preferred the waistband of the leggings.  The elastic on the top of these had the tendency to roll down in front and I found myself having to fix it a lot.  But that’s not a huge deal.  It’s just a little less flattering on my post-baby tummy and means I need a looser shirt, like the Dolman top I’m wearing.

And of course, I realize I notice these things more than anybody else does – so this may not even be a concern for you.  I’m just extraordinarily paranoid about any lumps or bulges under my shirt. It drives my husband nutso. I’m working on it!

Like the leggings, these shorts are machine washable.  I might still use a lingerie bag to wash them, but I’m not so concerned with pilling because they have a slicker fabric.  Plus, I mostly intend to wear them under pants, not as pants by themselves.

Unlike the leggings (which have holsters in the front and back on the right or left side), these only have two holsters in the back, so if you prefer to carry in the front, these aren’t for you.

I also want to note that one of the first things my husband noted when I tried these on was that I was holstering incorrectly.  I had no idea.  I just put the gun in the holster.  But he pointed out that if you holster with the grip facing out, you have to point the gun at yourself when you draw. In the heat of the moment, this could be really dangerous.

So.. don’t holster that way! I took some pictures to help.

The other benefit of holstering correctly is the gun is easier to conceal. Yay!


These are a little cheaper than the leggings ($59.99), and again, I think for the concealment ability and quality of construction, they’re worth it.

They’re available here, and you can choose between black or white (and regular or short shorts).

Concealment Shirt




I was pleasantly surprised by how well the shirt concealed.  Granted, it’s best under a slightly loose, slightly patterned cardigan or jacket like the one I’m wearing in the picture, but you can see it doesn’t really print at all.

I also wasn’t too bugged by my arm rubbing against my gun.

Plus, I think it’s overall a cute little shirt that would totally work in an outfit like this to go to an office job or a dressier occasion.

However, this holster is just not a good fit for my lifestyle.  I’m almost always with my son, and when I carry him, it’s usually on my left side.  So if someone were to approach us, I think it would be insanely difficult to draw while carrying him.  Plus, I’d have to point the gun at him while drawing.  Not ideal.

Also, just carrying him and having him pressed up against a pistol makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  I much prefer the in-waistband options that are a lot less enticing to him, and that make the pistol generally out of his way.

However:  I think this could be a great option for pregnant women, particularly if it’s your first. Obviously, the leggings and compression shorts wouldn’t work with a big belly, but this could totally work.  Especially if you sized up to accommodate a bigger belly in later months, or you could just scrunch up the bottom and wear it with a loose sweater/blouse.

And, of course, this shirt is also machine-washable.  It has the same slick-feeling fabric that the compression shorts do, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about pilling.

If you like this style of holster, they have a few different styles of shirts available here.  The one I’m wearing is the scoop neck shirt in black, which is $69.99, but they also have a scoop neck shirt with a single holster for $59.99, plus a tank top and midriff tank top (which again, could be great for pregnancy!)

Anyway, I’m so excited to share these holsters with you guys… especially the leggings.  I could write sonnets about how much I love them. (PS. If you’re reading this, dear husband, that’s called a hint :))  With how comfortable and attractive they are, it’s a lot easier to get in the swing of carrying a pistol.

If you want to see more of the holsters/concealed carry accessories available from Undertech Undercover (including their options for men), you can check out their main website here.

Are you a concealed carry newbie or pro?


Leah Reviews UnderTech UnderCover Concealed Carry Clothing

Honest Review From a Mother/CCW Newbie
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