44 Customer Reviews About Our Concealed Carry Leggings


"As a plus size woman, I was very worried about how the concealment leggings would fit me and to my surprise they are fantastic!! They hold my Glock 43 very nicely and I can even run after my kiddos and not have to worry about it falling out. These leggings are perfect! They are not too thin or thick and feel great! I can't wait to purchase the Full-Length Leggings!" — Dani D.




"Absolutely blown away by these UnderTech Concealment Leggings. Not only are they super flattering but they're crazy comfortable while carrying!! To all my CCW babes out there- GET A PAIR!!! It'll be the best decision you've ever made. I normally carry appendix so the back pocket is perfect for my keys, phone and ID when I don't want to have a bag or anything else with me. You have outdone yourselves, UnderTech. Already making a list of what else I want to purchase." — Victoria n.




"Completely blown away by theUnderTech UnderCover Concealment Leggings. 💜 The waist band is thick, my Glock 43 is completely secure when I'm active and easy to draw, they are thick material and hold up awesome in the wash. Highly highly recommend these if you're an active ccw holder. You can carry appendix or there is a second holster pocket in the back. I always carry appendix so I use the back pocket for my knife or wallet. There is also a second small pocket in the front for other small items. I hope they make these in more colors because these are my new go-to. Hiked in them with zero issues whatsoever. 👍👍👍For anyone wondering about sizing, they run pretty true to size. I got them in the same size that I wear in my Nike and Under Armour workout leggings." - Heather




"These leggings are AWESOME for so many reasons! I wear leggings 99% of the time and am a curvy girl, so I find that a lot of leggings are super uncomfortable for endless reasons: the waist band is too small so it rolls down, they’re too short so they cuts into me leaving an unflattering shape, or they are super see-through —This is definitely not the case.

UnderTech UnderCover Leggings are absolutely perfect and have quickly become my favorite leggings to wear daily, to the range, or even when I’m not carrying (which is not often, but when I’m lounging at home these are so comfy to wear too!) I fully plan on buying 2-3 more pairs since I wear these so often. I’m 5’2” and ordered a medium pair. The waistband is perfect sized, sits well, and accentuates my curves, they’re the perfect length for both wearing boots and running shoes, and they aren’t see-through at all. I think my favorite part is that they are slightly thicker so they hold warmth pretty well too! My concealed carry is a Sig P938 Nightmare and the kidney carry holster fits perfectly for me. The band holds the pistol in perfectly but not so tight that you have to struggle to get it out. I even ran once in these once while carrying to catch a bus and I didn’t feel like my Sig was going anywhere at all.

I definitely recommend these if you carry a compact pistol for your daily carry." — Tex M.




"Got my anti-clown outfit on! 😂 Thanks for making running easy. Your Concealed Carry Leggings are fantastic! 👍🏼 " - Heaven




Because I like to run [walk with occasional sprinting while I pant like a tired pony] at scary places at night and get tired of constantly feeling like impending doom is coming by a man in a creepy van. And also because I'm conditioned to this life - I got new carry/yoga pants. — Kayci




I definitely approve and would recommend these. I was very impressed at how comfortable they are and how secure my gun felt all day. I have been looking for something for awhile that I can wear my "normal, everyday" clothes - without worrying about a belt, ect. These are perfect for me! — Hope.





"Concealed carry leggings from @undertechundercover. Still getting use to appendix carry but these leggings make it easy!" - Heaven




"These Concealed Carry Leggings are not only comfortable but also conceal my Ruger LCP .380 perfectly! I love how confident I feel about the fact that they are secure enough to not fall out but easily accessible! Thanks!!!" — Jacklyn




Here is what I chose: comfy black skinny jeans with my #UnderTechUnderCover Concealment Shorts. Black top and cozy cardigan. It is fall weather here today so I decided to rock a scarf too. Dark colors always help conceal and when a scarf is involved, that baby isn't gonna show! — Conceal Carrie




"New favorite thing EVER if you're a girl who carries... UnderTech Concealed Carry Leggings – It's super secure. First pair and I love Em! Let's just say they're the best thing ever. Thanks y'all! 🇺🇸 " - Adrian @BuckarooGirlOfficial




"There's a holster in both the front and the back, but I really dislike drawing from the back so I rarely—if ever—carry back there. I've used that holster for my phone to great success though! There's a pocket in the front side that works quite well for things like a spare magazine and my knife! It's really in style to wear a looser top with leggings (I think), so they've slipped seamlessly into my wardrobe. Headed out for a date so you guys make it a great night!" - Anonymous




I absolutely love these!! I ordered 3 pair and got the discount. They are super snug, sturdy, and comfortable. I'm 5'6" 150lbs and I ordered size medium, which fits perfectly. — Valarie 




"In love with my new Concealed Carry Leggings" - @Rfftactical




"Love my Leggings" — Amanda




"Umpteen million washes later, the Leggings are still going strong.👍🇺🇸 "— Heather




"Nothing beats my conceal carry leggings! As a small framed girl, I can kidney not only discreetly, but comfortably!" - Anonymous




"There is evil in the world, and if evil has a gun, I want one too... Gotta say, @undertechundercover has created, in my opinion, the best concealed carry clothing options for women on the market. Wearing their Concealment Short-Shorts underneath my clothes for my bike ride!" — Maggie H.




"Started out the day carrying small of back but I'm not very practiced at drawing from there, so I switched it up when I got to the office. I'm much more comfortable with appendix carry! It only took a small wardrobe adjustment and these leggings have holsters in the front AND the back so I had the option. Always love the bonus of being able to carry my spare mag and tiny knife!" - Anonymous




"I wear leggings more often than jeans so having options that don't require a belt is essential. I want to feel comfortable while being armed." — Heaven




"Once again I'm very impressed with my purchase! I have the conceal carry tank top and now the leggings! Love your stuff!" - Lindsey A.




"After carrying my handgun in the leggings I quickly realized the holster not in use could be used to hold my phone and car keys! I love how versatile they are, I wear them for business, casual and even working out. I can wear them comfortably in the summer as they are designed with a 21” inseam, they hit me mid calf, and I wear them in the winter with a tall boot. I especially love wearing them under a dress or skirt, so I can carry my handgun securely and relax a little knowing everything is secure. Even with just a simple shirt on top I know my handgun will be concealed with ease and I don’t have to fret about storing it in my purse where my children, or someone else, can gain access to it." — Leann Blasko




"Testing retention on the Concealed Carry Leggings — It's working pretty snugly 🤘🏼😂." - @brojaq




"I wanted to be able to conceal easily, but wearing jeans and a belt wasn't practical for my style or daily life. I immediately jumped on the chance to get the Full-length Leggings! they're SO comfortable and I can do all sorts of things without worrying how secure things are. I also love how they have two options for appendix and kidney carry. They're perfect for year round wear too! I'll definitely be ordering a second pair soon ☺️." - Kirsten K.




"Best purchase 😄 . These Concealment leggings are awesome! They're very comfy I barely even notice the gun's there and I've had them on all day running around doing stuff! You can't really tell it's there, whether it's In the front holster or the back! They have full length and Capri length ones too. I definitely recommend them!" - @k_morgan_m 




"Best purchase 😄 . These Concealment leggings are awesome! They're very comfy I barely even notice the gun's there and I've had them on all day running around doing stuff! You can't really tell it's there, whether it's In the front holster or the back! They have full length and Capri length ones too. I definitely recommend them!" - @k_morgan_m




"Friday. Work is done. Out into the world today." - Unknown




"Nighttime dog-walking attire" - Bri




"Love my Concealed Carry Leggings from UnderTech UnderCover" - Amanda




"Can't even tell i'm carrying my Sig. It's so comfy, wish I would have bought them sooner." — Tami D.




"Feeling like a Bond Girl in today's gear. UnderTech always does an awesome job with concealed carry." — Madame P. carrying a Kahr CM9 in her Concealment Leggings




"Rockin' my UnderTech UnderCover Leggings" - Aleisha




"Concealment Leggings finally arrived. Now I can go running at night!" - Anonymous




"Concealment Leggings finally arrived. Now I can go running at night!" - Devon 




"Obsessed with my new Concealed Carry Leggings! #.38special" — Devin G.




"My favorite leggings for my Glock 43, my weapon feels secure when I'm out running. Ordered mine in an XS and they fit great. Thanks UnderTech!!" — Billy Jo R.




"It was so hard for me to carry because every time I would bend to get something my holster/gun would just fall right off my jeans. I love these Conceal Carry Leggings!! Now I don't have to worry about my gun falling out!! I can wear my gun with confidence!!!" — Michelle A.




"Wearing the hell out of my Concealment Leggings. I carry when I workout because last I checked, we can't predict when we'll need to protect our lives or the lives of the ones we love.💞 An absolute must for my lifestyle." — Heather aka @HardBoiledHeather




"Best. Leggings. Ever" — Kelsey G.




"Exercising my 2nd amendment right today wearing my new leggings! Love them 😃" - Miriam



"Just got these bad boys in today to carry my new LC9s 🔫." — Kendra W.





"Off the bat, the leggings are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. I found myself wearing them everywhere. I slept in them, lounged in them, ran errands in them. I even took them on my trip to SHOT Show because I knew they’d be perfect for air travel. (They were, by the way.)" — Jacki Billings of Guns.com




"I love these Concealed Carry Leggings! Trying to conceal carry and still wear cute girl clothes is difficult. These leggings let you dress them up or down while still being able to carry and keep your weapon hidden. I wear them out on the town and even when i go running with my dogs. They're a comfortable and stylish alternative to concealed carry! Love everything about them! I'd have 20 pairs if I could!" — Shannon N.



"2 moths ago I purchased my RUGER LC9 and a holster, but it just wasn't concealed enough. The holster was heavy and bulky. I discovered UnderTech UnderCover Leggings, ordered 2 pairs and I absolutely love them! The Leggings are comfortable, stylish and the built-in holster fits perfect with my gun. UnderTech UnderCover is completely genius with their clothing line. I recommend this company to everyone!" - Ciara



44 Customer Reviews About Our Concealed Carry Leggings
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