Womens Concealed Carry Original Leggings Crop Length

Undertech Undercover

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Perhaps the most attractive concealed carry option available! This stylish design is made of the same fabric as the most popular workout brands on the market. It includes two built-in concealment holsters for either front or rear carry.

This is the Most Comfortable and Fashionable Concealment Solution Available for everyday wear! UnderTech UnderCover is the world's leading brand of concealment clothing. These stylish and comfortable leggings are made of the same material, and feature the same fit, as the most popular workout brands in the industry. They are 3/4 length also known as mid-calf and features two built-in holsters, one in the back for a traditional "kidney" position and the other in the front for a traditional "appendix" position. This allows you to choose which is most comfortable, and concealable, based on your particular activity and clothing. Both holsters feature a patent pending retention strap that helps secure your handgun yet makes it readily available in case you need it. The same holster pockets will also securely hold and carry your mobile phone, credit card, keys, etc.

Available in 3/4 mid-calf length here, or full-length and can be worn casually for shopping, walking the dog, hiking, and working out. Or you can dress them up with boots for a night out with friends.

How To Care For Your UTUC Garments:

Machine wash in cold water. Air or tumble dry on low. Air drying is preferred as it will extend the life of your garment. Do not use fabric softener.

Inseam Length - 21 Inches

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