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Please Note: TravelSafe Clothing and Accessories are NOT designed for handgun concealment, and are simply meant to keep your personal items and valuables safe and discreetly concealed.


Modeled off our extremely popular Compression T-Shirt, the Undertech Undercover Travel Safe Compression Briefs is truly the next generation of comfortable concealed travel items. It's like wearing a second skin! So comfortable, so secure, and yet so concealed. They hold your valuables securely, and the shorts can be worn with just about everything you own, gym shorts, sweat pants, jeans, dress pants, suit and tie. Works great with or without a belt. 

Truly the most comfortable travel concealment short that I've ever worn and for those of you who must carry items all day long....I know you'll appreciate the comfort and low profile of this concealment option.

Made in USA, Cotton/Spandex blend, machine washable.
S..... 28" - 31"
M..... 31" - 34"
L..... 35" - 39"
XL.... 40" - 43"
XXL... 44" - 47"
XXXL.. 48" - 51"

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