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City Concealment Jacket

City Concealment Jacket


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Concealed Carry in style with our new City Concealment Jacket - mid-weight, soft-shell, updated design.

Features two large, key-locking zippered concealment pockets to carry and conceal most self-defense handguns.

Available in Black and Midnight Blue.

The UnderTech UnderCover City Concealment Jacket is designed with the urbanite in mind and allows the concealed carry enthusiast to hide just about every self-dense handgun on their person. The two large, key-locking zippered concealment pockets are large enough to carry and conceal a 1911, Glock 17, Sig 220, etc as well as other valuables including wallets, passports, cash, even your mobile phone and full-size tablets. Each jacket comes with an adjustable universal holster that allows you to position the handgun in the best place possible based on your body size and shape. Additional holsters to carry your other accessories are available.

The City Concealment Jacket constructed with a breathable, water resistant soft-shell material. This mid-weight jacket will keep you warm and dry while remaining comfortable and ruggedly handsome. It's clean, updated style will blend perfectly in any setting - not too tactical - just right for the casual day or night out, walking the dog, hiking, driving, and lots more.

The City Concealment Jacket will quickly become your "go to" EDC (every day carry) jacket.


  1. YKK zippers throughout
  2. Fleece Lined collar
  3. Two large hidden concealment pockets with YKK Key-Locking zippers
  4. Oversized hand pockets with YKK Vision zippers
  5. Two zippered chest pockets for cell phone, credit cards, etc
  6. Snap closure at sleeve cuff
  7. Breathable, water resistant, wind resistant material

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For shirts, the most important measurement in determining your correct size is your bust/chest measurement. The shirt should fit snugly around the bust/chest, so that your weapon stays firmly in place and doesn’t bounce around when you move. If you order the shirt to fit your bust/chest, the rest of the shirt will stretch to accommodate a wider mid-section, and lightly hug a smaller midsection.


Bust/Chest - Start by placing a measuring tape around the largest part of your bust/chest. The tape should be flat but not too snug. This is the most important measurement for determining your shirt size.


Men's Sizing Chart


Machine wash in cold water. Air or tumble dry on low. Air drying is preferred as it will extend the life of your garment. Do not use fabric softener.

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